Test for the evaluation of the somatic cell count and acidity in raw milk



Formula for detecting high somatic cell count and determining raw milk acidity (pH) 

Intended use
Mlek-test is an in vitro diagnostic tool used in veterinary medicine. It is designed to test samples of milk taken from animal body to diagnose and control physiological status or pathological conditions.

Sodium alkane sulfonate, bromocresol purple, distilled water.

Directions for use
1. After disposal of the first streams of milk, milk portions of about 2 ml should be squirted onto the tray containing four circular pools. Any excessive milk may be decanted by tipping the tray at an angle of about 50°. Add equal volumes of Mlek-test and the formula and mix thoroughly by swirling the tray. After mixing for about 20 seconds, estimate the degree of thickening and colour change according to the table below.

  1. Mlek-test also allows determining approximate acidity of milk stored in tank. To that end, mix equal volumes of milk and the formula on the tray. Check the colour of the mixture with the attached colour scale. The mixture of the formula and milk of proper acidity should become greyish-violet. Any possible acidification of the milk gives a greyish-green to yellow colour (depending on acidity)
in 1 ml
Negative*Liquid or tufts and trails vanishing during mixing. Greyish-violet.Up to 400 000
PositiveJelly-like tufts and trails not vanishing during mixing. Greyish-violet or violet.Up to 1 000 000
Strongly PositiveMixture becomes jelly-like mass. Violet or dark violet.Over
1 000 000

* homogenous liquid mixture during the entire mixing period indicates that the somatic cell count does not exceed 200 000 in 1 ml

High somatic cell count (positive result) is usually indicative of mastitis.
High somatic cell count in milk for physiological reasons is indicative of oestrus, the colostric period and the dry period.

Store at below 25o C.

Do not freeze!
Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

User precautions
In case of skin or eye contact flush the affected site with profuse amount of water.

Available containers
500 ml bottles

Date of development of the leaflet-09.11.2015 r.

09.10.2017 r.

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