Preparation supporting treatment of ketosis in cows and sheep



Dietetic feeding stuff for dairy cows and sheep

Propylene glycol 99.7% (997ml/l)

Dietetic feed additives

Potassium iodide
(trace element 3b E 2 iodine)
0.2%(Iodine [I] 1345 mg/l)
(Potassium [K] 415 mg/l)
Cobalt sulphate x 7 H2O
(trace element 3b E 3 cobalt)
0.1%(Cobalt [Co] 207 mg/l)


Properties and indications:

Boviketozin is used to supplement the diet of cows with high milk yield and sheep with easily digestible carbohydrates. The use of the supplement is particularly recommended at the peak of lactation when the body’s demand for carbohydrates necessary for production of milk components increases. The shortage of carbohydrates in the feed, with their concomitant increased use for the purposes of lactation, may cause impaired metabolism manifesting itself in the occurrence of ketone bodies. Boviketozin improves the digestibility of structural fibre, reduces the incidence of ketosis, improves feed intake by animals, normalises impaired lactation, stabilises fat and protein content in milk.

Boviketozin is administered to:

Cows – in the last 6 weeks before labour and  between the 3rd  and 6th week after labour at a dose of 250 ml once daily.

Sheep –   60-100 ml once a day for the first 3 weeks after labour.

Boviketozin is used as a mixture with water of feed. In the case of appetite impairment and an aversion to consuming feed, the non-diluted preparation can be administered directly into the mouth. Consult a veterinary doctor before use.

Storage conditions:

Store at a temperature below +25°C, in a dark and dry place in original, tightly closed container.

 Shelf life 24 months

Available containers 1000ml

Date of the leaflet-09.11.2015 r.

Additional information

animal type

cattle, other

type of medicine

Supplements and feeds