Ointment for the care of udders in cows and goats



Udder care preparation for use in cows and goats.



Eucalyptus oil, camphor, menthol, eucerinum, yellow petroleum jelly.


Indications and use
The product is recommended for udder care in cows and goats.

It should be used externally – after every milking, by applying and massaging the formula into the skin of udder and teats. Regular product use ensures proper flexibility and prevents drying and cracking of the skin of udders and teats. Due to specific properties, the product may also be used in inflammations caused by, e.g. stinging by insects, eczema, abrasion, etc.



Prevent direct exposure of mucous membranes to the product.



Store at a temperature below +25°C.

Protect from light. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.


Shelf life

24 months


Available containers

250g and 500g

Date of development of the leaflet-09.11.2015 r.

09.10.2017 r.


Additional information

animal type

cattle, other

type of medicine

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