Preparation for ear-care in dogs and cats




Ear care for cats and dogs

Xylene, glycerol, menthol, thymol and propylene glycol.

Characteristics and effect
As a ceruminolytic, xylene ensures excellent breaking-up of earwax. Softening and soothing effect brought by glycerol and propylene glycol help active substances penetrate the ear canal, and ensure excellent tolerance of the solution. Glycerol has strong dissolving properties.

Menthol and thymol produce antiseptic and dehydrating effect (they produce scent). This makes OTCLAR an excellent ear care solution for cats and dogs.


OTICLAR may be used in regular ear cleaning in cats and dogs, once to twice a week. In ear diseases, the product is usually applied as a pre-cleansing agent to the ear canal, before applying the proper drug, as excessive earwax may weaken the effect of the key medicinal product.

Directions for use
Apply externally.
Introduce a few ml portions into ear canal and cleanse, repeating the procedure until the ear is completely cleaned. If earwax is produced excessively, re-apply the product once or twice a day for three consecutive days without any risk of complications. In dogs (especially droopy-eared) suffering from chronic outer ear inflammation, daily use ensures faster recovery.

Do not use in labyrinthitis.
In case of outer ear inflammation, use the product for pre-cleaning purposes before application of appropriate medicinal product.
Do not use in animals with skin hypersensitive to product ingredients (allergic).

Store at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.
Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Shelf life
2 years.

Available containers
50 ml bottles.

For animal treatment only

Date of development of the leaflet-25.10.2013 r.

09.10.2017 r.

Additional information

animal type

dogs, cats

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