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Properties and indications

Olderm  contains a complex of vitamins and essential unsaturated fatty acids (EFAs) having a positive effect on the skin and hair condition. EFAs support the function of hydrolipid barrier of the stratum corneum, thus protecting the body against excessive loss of water. Zinc participates in the process of skin cell regeneration. Biotin suppresses the intensity of skin oiliness. As an antioxidant, vitamin E protects hair cells against negative effect of external factors. Vitamin A is responsible for normal growth and differentiation of epidermal cells. Vitamins B1, B6, B12 participate in the metabolism of omega fatty acids.

Supplementation with Olderm capsules strengthens the skin protective barrier and natural body immunity, improves the quality, strength and density of hair, and shortens the shedding period.

Older is recommended in:

  • shedding and increased brittleness of hair
  • supportive treatment in dermatological disorders (dermatoses with genetic or allergic background)
  • excessive skin scaling
  • dry skin
  • diet poor in nutrients
  • in the period of shedding or after pregnancy

Method of administration:

  • up to 15 kg of body weight – 1 capsule a day
  • above 15 kg of body weight – 2 capsules a day

The capsule may be administered in whole directly into the oral cavity, or it may be mixed with other food. The capsule tip may also be twisted and torn off, and its contents administered directly into the oral cavity, on the paw or added to food.

It is best to use Olderm after veterinary consultation.

Analytical composition:

raw protein 21.2 %, raw fat 56.6%, raw fibre < 0.2%, raw ash 5.28%, humidity 4.5%


Composition of each capsule:

fish oil 300 mg;

beef gelatine (capsule walls) 150.8 mg;

salmon oil 100 mg;

Glycerol (capsule shell component) 69.5 mg;

vegetable oil (from borage) 50 mg;

calcium carbonate 5 mg;

magnesium oxide 5 mg.

Essential unsaturated fatty acids (EFAs)/capsule:

  • Omega-3 acids (EPA, DHA, SDA, ALA) 113.5 mg
  • Omega-6 acids (GLA, LA) 48.1 mg
  • Omega-9 acids (oleic acid) 72.1 mg

Analytical ingredients/Trace elements/1 kg:

zinc (zinc gluconate) 1997 mg, magnesium 2800 mg, potassium 120 mg, sodium 230 mg

Dietary additives/Vitamins/1 kg:

  • 3a700/Vitamin E – 3 329 mg
  • 3a880/Biotin -1 332 mg
  • 3a831/Vitamin B6 – 932 mg
  • 3a820/Vitamin B, – 732 mg
  • 3a672a/Vitamin A – 533 mg
  • 3a835/Vitamin B12 -1.3 mg

Sensory additives/ Ingredients of the capsule shell)/1 kg:

E172/Red ferric oxide 1 332 mg/kg

Technological additives/Emulsifiers/1 kg: 1c322/Soy lecithin 4527 mg

Technological additives/Anti-caking substances/1 kg:

E551b/Colloidal silica 10 280 mg

Storage conditions

Store in the original package at room temperature. Protect from light and moisture.

60 twist-off capsules (751 mg/capsule)

Supplementary compound feed for dogs, cats and small fur-bearing animals.

Veterinary identification number:


Additional information

animal type

dogs, cats, other

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