Canifos deo – NEW

Supplementary feed for dogs



Supplementary feed for dogs

Ingredients: dicalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, chlorophyll, brewer’s yeast, processed animal protein (PAP), wheat/potato starch, pork gelatin.


Colourant 2 a – copper complex of chlorophyllin (E 141) – 4 800 mg/kg

Analytical constituents:
Total protein 5.04 ±0.27%, crude fat less than 1%, crude fibre less than 1%, crude ash 72.05 ±8.93%.

Characteristics and indications
Canifos Deo is recommended to reduce unpleasant odours of the breath, skin or dog droppings. Copper complexes of chlorophyllin contained in the product are intended to reduce body odours, including odours related to uncontrolled excretion of urine and feaces, and reduce female scent produced during the heat cycle. Canifos Deo is especially recommended to regulate the digestive processes during which unpleasantly smelling odours are emitted. They are neutralized by chlorophyll contained in the product. Canifos Deo purifies body from harmful metabolites, enriches the diet with natural vitamins of the B complex.

Application and dosage
Administer tablets directly into the mouth or in other feed.

Small breed dogs – one tablet twice a day
Medium breed dogs – one and a half tablets twice a day
Large breed dogs – two tablets twice a day

Store at room temperature in a dry place.

Veterinary approval number: 06148301

CAUTION: This product contains animal-derived protein which is prohibited in ruminant feed.

Shelf life
18 months

Net weight 2.5 g
Pack size: 75  tablets

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Date of development of the leaflet-08.11.2017 .


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