Calem® plus

Liquid calcium preparation for cows supplemented with magnesium



Dietetic feeding stuff for dairy cows

Vegetable oil                      –  28 %
Calcium chloride               –  25%
Magnesium citrate         –   1.14%
Glucose                            –   0.65%


Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (E433)                       5.62 mL/L


In 1L (1000 mL) In one package (445 mL)
Calcium content 112g 50g
Magnesium content 2.26g 1g

Properties and indications:
Calem plus is used in the period of increased calcium demand during the perinatal period. The supplement treats calcium deficiency caused primarily by sudden loss of bodily fluids upon the start of lactation.

Directions for use:

Shake bottle content energetically to mix it thoroughly before use. Apply upon observing first signs of labour and continue for 2 days after labour is finished.

Dosage regimen:

1 bottle – 12 hours before labour

1 bottle – 6-12 hours after labour

1 bottle – 24 hours after labour

It is advisable to seek animal nutrition expert’s opinion before use. During administration, exercise caution to prevent the animal from choking.


Store at a temperature below +25°C, in a dark and dry place, in original, tightly closed containers.

 Shelf life 1 year.

Volume 445ml

Veterinary approval number α PL0614003 p

Date  of the leaflet-09.11.2015 r.

09.10.2017 r.

Additional information

animal type

cattle, other

type of medicine

calcium and electrolyte, Supplements and feeds