Biowet Puławy Ltd.

Biowet Puławy Ltd. is fully Polish modern veterinary medicine production plant. Our operations protect health of both animals and people. We supply latest generation effective and safe medicine for veterinary services, farming and breeding sectors. 

As of present we offer more than 70 preparations, including vaccines, diagnostic preparations, antibiotics, calcium preparations, sulphonamides, antiparasitic preparations, mineral and vitamin supplements and a number of other specialized groups of medicines for multiple species of animals.

Good traditions

For 95 years preparations produced in Puławy have significantly contributed to controlling and keeping in check such dangerous diseases as rinder pest (viral cattle disease), TB, brucellosis, Newcastle disease, varroosis of honey bees. The 90s were a turning point for the existence of Biowet. An Act of Law titled “Resolution on privatization of the plant in the form of employee-owned company” has been signed. Following completion of the privatization process, in 1997, all employees became shareholders and at the same time also owners of the plant. From the perspective it is clear that company’s privatization proved highly successful, as one of the few.

Innovating and prospecting

Biowet operations are based on scientific research performed by specialized personnel. We work with the best scientific centres in Poland. The plant uses assistance from specialists in all disciplines of veterinary medicine, in Poland and abroad, from medical schools, institutes, universities and technical universities. Biowet has been working with National Veterinary Institute – National Research Institute in Puławy for many years, in the area of scientific research and national control of immunological products, exercised by NVI under so-called “initial batch control”.

Investing in quality and safety

Company’s objective is producing safe and effective medicinal products of adequate quality, in line with applicable requirements of pharmaceutical legislation. Products are being improved by implementing new technologies and research methods.

The company has Department of Injection Preparations, which is among the most modern facilities in Poland. Production area is a complex of clean rooms with a system of locks, supplied with filtered air via air-conditioning and ventilation system, ensuring suitable pressure gradient between rooms. Aseptic phases of the process are held in class A/B clean rooms. The Department is fitted out with process installations (injection water, purified water, purified steam, CIP, SIP installations) as well as state-of-the-art process equipment in GMP standard. Thanks to production process organisation and technologies adopted production conditions meet the European GMP requirements. In 2008 a new Department of Biology was opened, dealing with production of immunological products – vaccines and in-vitro diagnostics preparations. The building comprises of clean rooms with a system of man locks and material locks, including air-conditioning and ventilation system providing intake of filtered air as well as pressure barrier.

Production compliant with GMP standards is ensured by modern equipment and auxiliary systems (purified water, injection water, purified steam, nitrogen, compressed air). The Department has modules for production of microbial and mycological antigens, module for work with microbes BH-III and medium preparation room. Works on microbes and aseptic operations are carried out under class A/B laminar exhaust. Modern production technologies comply with GMP standards and the implemented pharmaceutical Quality Assurance System guarantee that good, effective and safe medicinal products are released. GMP certificates confirm high quality standards compliant with Directive 2003/94/EC for all forms of medicines – injection, biological and non-sterile, granted based on periodic inspections by Senior Inspector of Pharmaceutics.