Biourinex canis

Capsules supporting urinary tract health in dogs

Supplementary feed for dogs...



Supplementary feed for dogs


Glucosamine hydrochloride 


Cranberry extract  (2b)                        388500 mg/kg

Soy lecithin (E 322)                                129500 mg/kg

Parsley extract (2b)                               64800  mg/kg

Colloidal silica (E551b)                              6500 mg/kg

Analytical constituents:

crude protein 14 %, crude fat 14 %, crude fibre below 1 %, crude ash 3.3 %

One capsule contains:
Glucosamine hydrochloride       200 mg
Cranberry extract                          300 mg
Parsley extract                                  50 mg
Soy lecithin                                      100 mg
Colloidal silica                                     5 mg

 Properties and indications:

It is advised to administer Biourinex canis after seeking veterinarian’s advice:

  • in lower urinary tract infections
  • as a supplement in treating urolithiasis
  • as a supplement after kidney stone surgery


1 capsule per 10 kg b.w. /day. Capsule contents can be mixed with fodder.


Store in a cool dry place.

Net weight: 772 mg
Pack size: 45  capsules

Shelf life

18  months

Veterinary approval number:  06148301

For animal treatment only.

Date  of the leaflet-09.11.2017 .


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