Freeze-dried probiotics for bees
Supplemental compound feed for bees



Freeze-dried probiotics for bees
Supplemental compound feed for bees

Composition per 125 mg:

Sodium phosphate55.74 mg
Potassium phosphate39.04 mg
Lactose20 mg
Milk proteins (lactalbumin hydrolysate20 mg
Gelatin10 mg
Sodium chloride6.8 mg
Potassium chloride0.4 mg



Lactic acid fermentation bacteria – Lactobacillus ≥1×108 CFU/vial
Aromas 2b:  Sodium glutamate 20mg/125mg

Analytical composition:

total protein 226g/kg, raw fibre 4.12g/kg, raw ash 516g/kg,
raw fat – not detected, sodium 109g/kg, phosphorus 86.6g/kg


Properties and indications:

Bacteria from the genus Lactobacillus are the major component of the natural gut microbiota of bees in the summer season. Microorganisms contained in the product were isolated from healthy insects belonging to very strong bee families, and selected due to their distinctive probiotic properties and safety. They are capable of colonizing the bee intestine, supporting the digestive processes, and through acidification of their habitats they help protect the bees against infection and development of pathogenic microbes, such as: Paenibacillus larvae or Nosema ceranae. Use of the probiotic improves the condition of bee families and contributes to extension of bee lifespan. Supplementation with the probiotic is especially important in the period when bees reduce their contact with the outside environment and naturally-occurring probiotic bacteria.

Directions for use:

Using a disposable syringe, fill 3/4 of the vial with water at room temperature, mix thoroughly until the freeze-dried material is dissolved. Use the obtained suspension in accordance with the intended purpose:

As an additive to sugar syrup used in supplemental spring, summer and autumn feeding.

Mix the content of one vial with sugar syrup cooled down to room temperature, obtained by dissolving 2 kg of sugar in 5 litres of water.

Do not use hot syrup or syrup with higher sugar content, as it has negative effect on microbial viability. Portion the obtained syrup amount into feeders intended for 5 bee families. Repeat the procedure after one week. Syrup prepared in that manner can also be applied directly to the frames, by pouring the syrup onto passageways, 5-10 ml of the syrup per passageway.

As an additive to drinking water for bees.

Dissolve the content of one vial in 10 litres of drinking water for bees.

Apiflora can be repeatedly administered during a year.

Apiflora contains microorganisms comprising the natural gut microbiota of bees; therefore it can be used independently of other products enhancing bee health.

Apiflora was developed with the assistance of scientific units of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and University of Life Sciences in Lublin.


Store at 2-8°C.

During shelf life, freeze-dried probiotics can be stored for 1 month at 15-25°C. Once dissolved, use immediately.

One cardboard box contains 4 vials, each containing 125 mg of the product.

Veterinary identification number:

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