The building is a complex of clean rooms equipped with a system of air showers and pass boxes with installed air-conditioning and ventilation system, ensuring proper intake of filtered air and pressure barrier.

Product manufacture in accordance with GMP standards is ensured by state-of-the-art equipment and auxiliary systems (purified water, water for injection, clean steam, nitrogen, compressed air). The department has modules for the manufacture of bacterial and fungal antigens, a module for working with BSL-3 microorganisms and a media manufacturing facility.

All work on live microorganisms and aseptic processing are conducted in enclosed antigen manufacturing modules (bacterial and fungal module) using class A laminar flow and B-class environment.

Modern manufacturing technologies complying with GMP standards, as well as the implemented pharmaceutical quality assurance system warrant manufacture of high quality, efficient and safe medicinal products. High quality standards are confirmed by GMP certificates obtained following periodical inspections of the General Pharmaceutical Inspector, stating compliance with directive 2003/94/WE for all drugs forms – injection, biological and non-sterile products.